Episode 39 - The Text Is Mightier Than The Word

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger


Some revelations, some realizations! What is it about Taka being apart of the band that's not known to the rest of the band? What does Pick finally understand about Crunchy?

Behind the Scenes

Photoshop is making a comeback for the art production of AGZ, a little bit last week, a lot more this week. I broke it to Illustrator gently. First I let Photoshop hang out in the room next door so they could get use to each other's scent. Then I said enough with the cat training metaphor, you two digital art programs have to just get along in my process.

Regarding socializing type things, Art Geek Zoo is now on Facebook. We've setup a fan page, stop on by! I'm on Twitter as well. You can see my daily-ish tweets @PersistenceLair.

Work on the AGZ site continues, we have a new Store page worth checking out... and I promise... pictures of the AGZ team modeling the new Heavy Mettle shirts will be posted this week!

Stay Tuned!
-- Rob