Episode 42 - Studio Office Confessional

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger


Crunchy and Professor Razorclaw reconnect and more members of the band Resonant Dojo come to seek Razorclaw's advice.

Behind the Scenes

I really love this episode. It probably sounds stupid, but I honestly choked up a couple times when drawing it. Pick and Crunchy have spent a few years together as friends. Some of that time you've seen in the comic, much of that time you've yet to see. But moments of greater awareness, understanding, connection between friends are just really awesome and important times to appreciate. Yay for Pick and Crunchy!

As to the art production, I think I've landed on a strong combination of both Photoshop and Illustrator that covers the things I want to put into each AGZ episode. Now I really need to get a bit faster. I'm at about 12 hours per episode. I'm running around on the big ol' 12 hour plateau. Each week I feel a bit better and smoother at executing the process I've set out, yet when I add up the hours it took, wouln't you know it - 12 fragging hours again. :) I'll start adding some speed drawing exercises to my weekly routine and keep you posted on my progress.

I've mentioned it once or twice, we're working on some AGZ podcasting possibilities. I hope to share some news, maybe an initial experiment on our AGZ podcasting later this week!

Also, have you seen Pete's blog entry about Underworld Rise of the Lycans? He shares his thoughts about the first 2 Underworld films and hopes for the new one. We actually saw a release day Midnight showing. I've twittered my thoughts on it, I thought it was a fun movie and filled in lots of detail on the flashback stuff from the first movie.

It's always great to hear from you in the comments, forums, and email! Keep 'em coming!

Rock on dear readers and Stay Tuned!