Episode 40 - Resonant Epitaph

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger


The tension continues to rise as Xana reveals something even more annoying to Taka than who her current boyfriend happens to be. What will become of the band that Taka, Styxx, Pick, and Crunchy formed: Resonant Dojo?

Behind the Scenes

The tug of war between Photoshop and Illustrator continues. Maybe it's not as dramatic as application vs. application trying to defeat one another in a test of strength, but it does change each week so far as I test out ideas in one or the other in my quest to get both better and faster at making each AGZ episode. I'll share more details for those interested in the coming weeks, suffice it to say that the process tweaking continues.

And a new way to get in touch with the folks that make Art Geek Zoo appears: a ye-olden yet ye-useful email address:

AGZComic [at] gmail [dot] com

Type that in normally into your favorite email client and you'll be able to get a hold of Pete or myself. Ask a question about your favorite or least favorite AGZ character. Suggest a product for the store or just say 'Hi'.

As always, thanks for reading AGZ!

-- Rob

PS-I will have a blog posting tomorrow regarding two of my three favorite writers and a song lyric I couldn't get out of my head, and it is told in a voice akin to Sam Elliot's character "The Stranger" from the greatest bowling movie ever.  Know what I mean, friend?  If not, tune in tomorrow!