No Longer a One Man Show

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger

The hiatus is almost over. I am really really dang close to being back on a schedule. By that I mean starting tomorrow, there will be an Art Geek Zoo episode published each Monday!

Wait a minute, does that title read "No longer a one man show"?

During my hiatus and process cleanup time, I realized that I would like a collaborator in telling the story.

One of my friends, who happens to be a great writer, was discussing a new comic project/collaboration with me a few weeks back. After discussing this new project (to be announced at a future date), we talked about Art Geek Zoo. He read the current 20 episodes and provided some great feedback and ways to improve my episodes in the future. I immediately started working his feedback into the cleanup/hiatus work.

A few days passed and then it hit me. 1) He gets/clicks with AGZ, this world and story I have in my head and in my notes. 2) I really dig his writing style. 3) He wants to work together on another project. And finally 4) It'd be great to have someone focused on the writing for AGZ. ...maybe he'd want to work together on AGZ too!

It turns out that yep he did. He signed on, took in all the existing notes, and completely rocked out some fun next episodes.

I'm excited to introduce Art Geek Zoo's new Writer: Pete Gilbertson.

Perhaps he'll make an appearance in the blog soon. His writing will make an appearance soon: tomorrow's episode!

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