Non Episode 3 - Fruit Friend and the Missing Rooster

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger

Memory is a funny thing. I would swear upon a stack of my early '90s Ghost Rider comics (with Danny Ketch - not Johnny Blaze*) that I had an interesting picture on my hard drive from a Halloween Party a handful of years back. It was an important, interesting picture that I was saving (and/or too lazy to post before).

The pic was totally meant for a blog post due to the humor of the costumes and their relevance. The costumes pay homage to a web comic that has been an inspiring and officially cool thing in the universe for a bunch of years now: Penny Arcade. I appreciate how awesome and inspiring the guys at Penny Arcade have been over the years. If you're into video games and/or potty humor you really owe it to yourself to join their legion of fans.

So back to my memory of this picture. This (hopefully not) mythical picture was built up further in my mind because it has not one, but two budding web comic artists in it. I am the "Fruit Friend" which is a polite name for an excellent fruit-juicing character from Penny Arcade. He doesn't say much, but the power of his presence is undeniable.

Imagine my un-found picture: it shows a fellow web comic artist that happens to be a friend of mine and myself in costume. It's worth mentioning the un-pictured artist is the guy behind He attended the event with his wife you see (or don't see) and they were both dressed as very well costumed chickens. In my memory he even had a mild resemblance to another Penny Arcade character: Kung Foo Rooster.

However, my search was successful. Just not the success I set out for initially. After a bunch of attempts over this last week searching my files and hard drives, I did find a picture from that gathering, a different and equally important picture. It's a picture of me and my wife which very appropriately, or inappropriately as your taste dictates, she is dressed as an orange and I am proudly wearing my custom made Fruit F*cker costume. Tee hee! :)


* Yes, I know Johnny Blaze shows up in the Danny Ketch series too. There's a reason why my collection stops around #70 or so.

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