Non Episode 2 - Pick's Evolution and Art Geek Zoo Evolution

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger

Pick's Evolution

I've mentioned in a prior post that the character Pick Wingvey has been floating around in my head for quite a few years now and an example of that is this odd game of break-out I made.

In the beginning he looked a little more like a normal penguin. He popped into my head (or out of my pencil?) as a doodle in early high school. Non-coincidentally, it was right around the time of this doodle that I started playing guitar. I noticed early that doodling in class was far less disruptive than playing guitar in class.

This image was rescued from the "I still have my high school folders?" Archives:


Art Geek Zoo Evolution

AGZ hasn't even hit 20 episodes. Yet I feel that it's time to fix a few things that need fixing and improve some things that need improving. In a nutshell I intend to make some process and style improvements + get further ahead with the writing and penciling of the episodes starting after episode 20.

For those of you that like the current look of AGZ (thanks by the way :) ), no need to be concerned. The improvements won't mean a total redesign, just a bigger step forward than is possible in the normal weekly schedule.

I estimate this work will take me about 4 weeks since it's being done along side my other projects.

While this behind the scenes work is going on, I'll be posting non-episodes every Tuesday at noon CST for 4 weeks. So the plan is:

  • Episode 17: June 17

  • Episode 18: June 24

  • Episode 19: July 1

  • Episode 20: July 8

  • Non-Episode 3: July 15

  • Non-Episode 4: July 22

  • Non-Episode 5: July 29

  • Non-Episode 6: August 5

  • Resume the weekly AGZ schedule! Episode 21: August 12.

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