Episode 11 - Brain Still, Mouth Moving

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger


Pick and Crunchy are taking in the sight of Professor Razorclaw's auditorium. Crunchy hits a nerve.

Behind the Scenes

Is it totally accurate to say that Crunchy hits a nerve? I don't like to go on too much about what's inside characters heads outside of an episode, but it's fair to say; When Crunchy goes about his daily business, others nerves are like well-lit walkways where he strolls along. He's just doing what he does.

This episode was produced in an odd mix of ways. I began in Photoshop is my current process when Adobe Updater reminded me that I should get the patches for my various apps in the CS3 suite. So I let it. And it took a long, long time. It's my fault for not updating it regularly. Now if this were Firefox, the OS itself, or an office productivity type suite, I update as often as possible. My art tools however, it's quite rare. After a few minutes of waiting and thumb-nailing panel ideas, I decided to pencil sketch the episode, scan, and hopefully Adobe's housekeeping be finished, then I can pen as normal.

Thankfully, the update finished in time. By the time I had scanned the pencil draft, I was set to get back into Photoshop again.

To try some process improvement, I decided to do all the remaining steps in Photoshop. It went quite well until the lettering and bubble/ballooning needed to be done.

It seems my self-created font looks best when Flash renders it. Plus I love some of Flash's friendly-vector-graphics behavior. So I wrapped up this episode in Flash.

It ended up being a mix of all my previous processes. :)