Episode 4

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger


What could have happened to Pick to make him so tortured about playing guitar?

He found a way to make it work... this time. Hopefully that continues.

And finally, who would have known that commenting on this story would cause the author of the story (myself) would feel such a flashback connection to the days when Bill Cosby would comment on his Fat Albert cartoon show.

Commentary from Behind the Scenes

I had a lot of fun making this episode. More fun than I can shake my Wacom Tablet at. I find making this web comic a very entertaining puzzle: How to produce an episode of decent quality (for my abilities) within a short time frame of 16 hours or less. Really, I'm shooting for 6 hours or less, but it may take me a while to get there and likely it will depend greatly on the complexity of the given panels art. For instance, I may even go beyond the 16 hour mark when we see some outdoor scenes of the Zoo College of the Arts.

As to software I used to produce this episode, I was fully electronic and used Flash CS3 to pencil, ink, color, and text bubble. Other episodes began as scanned pencil sketches.