Episode 6

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger


Pick, Crunchy, and Taka connect. They don't get along so well.

We meet Professor Razorclaw. He's reflecting on the past and seeing some difficulties in the near future. Does he have ill intent for our friends Pick and Crunchy?

Behind the Scenes

I find it fun to ask provocative questions regarding the fate or challenges of characters. I mean that in the fun teaser sense and in the general story sense.

Story closing teasers can really get me going, those questions posed by the narrator while characters are at high risk and the story time is over "until next time".

Then there are the real story questions, the ones at the heart of each character, are also great fun while composing. Then there's the challenge of following through, delivering answers to those questions for each character in their due time. Easier said than done. I look forward to continuing week by week to raise and answer those questions for each character in Art Geek Zoo.

The flip-side of the questions for characters issue is when the open questions are never answered. That's not so fun. I promise to do my best to answer the important open questions I raise - in due time - as the adventures for each of the characters in Art Geek Zoo run their course.

As always, I enjoy reading your comments. Comment away with any questions you have about the characters, process, or anything Art Geek Zoo related.

Thanks for reading Art Geek Zoo!