Episode 3

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger


Pick is doing some problem solving in a pinch.

Commentary from Behind the Scenes

To state the obvious, Art Geek Zoo is a work in progress. Each episode thus far has had a different look with different techniques driving that look. Hopefully the effect isn't too jarring for anyone reading them.

Likely the art style will continue to be a bit of a swerving ride. I hope it's a fun and entertaining ride for you as it has been for me thus far. I look forward to the practice and sharing the results.

Also, the fonts you see in the comic will evolve over time. I've created a handful of them that I intend to improve as I learn their strengths and weaknesses.


My current schedule goal is to have one episode out per week each Tuesday 12 Noon CST. This week I released two episodes, not that I'm in that great of a production flow yet. I think it has something to do with the time-in-a-bottle-like freedom of a February 29th. The whole world has saved up for the last four years to have this extra day, the least I can do is have second episode to share.