Episode 35 - Identity Crisis

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger


We return to Taka and Styxx, Taka's having a bit of trouble with his class registration changes. Styxx is making progress on his Heavy Metal Calligraphy style band logos for Resonant Dojo.

Behind the Scenes

Check out the updated AGZipedia! It's the place to go to learn about or get a refresher on your favorite AGZ characters, places of interest, and more!

-- Rob

We'll add new entries--plus update existing ones--to the AGZipedia on Fridays starting this week.  (This is not to be confused with the main comic which will continue to come out on Mondays; the AGZipedia is where we store character backgrounds and bonus content.)  Next week we will add to the AGZipedia the much anticipated bio of Crunchy.  It contains a ton of back story about our favorite green flying V, a sibling you've only seen once, and the first mention of several soon-to-be-very- prominent characters.  As well as some much requested information about the mysterious Mystical Guitar Tribe.  All this and more next Friday.  Stay Tuned!

-- Pete