Episode 38 - Look Who the Brat Dragged In

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger


We get to meet Taka's ex-girlfriend Xana face to face! Are they still friendly? Who is that guy she's with? We'll find that out too - right away in panel 1 no less!

Behind the Scenes

Ah the holidays. I'm feeling a slight case of dejavu as I post this episode in the small hours of episode posting day. :) Last weeks episode was a similar situation ... schedule a bit off due to holiday activities. Ah well - I had a ton of fun drawing this episode (holiday activities were also a good time). Getting to debut Xana's incredible text messaging talent was just a blast. Who else could two-thumb-type a text message with such flair and fire it off to its destination with an emphatic "people's elbow"?

Don't go busting up your phones trying to mimic such a move... flair texting is a dangerous sport best left to story books and comics such as the one you just read.

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