Episode 37 - Ma(x)crofractures

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger


Max finds an opportunity to push Crunchy's buttons. It seems Max wants things to not work out... especially with Pick and Crunchy. What is his deal? Also, a maestro of text messaging appears who just happens to share an important connection with one of the band members...

Behind the Scenes

Little by little I keep tweaking my art process for each episode. Today's episode uses fairly equal parts Photoshop and Illustrator. As it turns out, I really do prefer the pen/outlining and sketching there, then really like coloring, bubbles, and text layout abilities of Illustrator. Always fun to take note of some step giving me challenge and finding ways to improve!

A quick note about AGZ schedule. Mondays is when we publish new episodes, ideally by 12:01 AM. My fallback goal is by 2pm Monday. Today looks like it'll be about 5AM CST by the time this post and the episode is published. In the spirit of behind the scenes, I'll admit that yep - I've stayed up until the episode is done. I'll be grabbing a little sleep after this post goes live and I verify it's all looking as it should when posted.

And now we have new posts going to the AGZipedia every Friday! Last Friday's post in case you haven't checked it out is about Taka (the blond kid in the leather jacket).

Thanks for checking out AGZ, coming back, and even reading it for the first time!