Non-Episode Day

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger

It's been a while since we've posted a Non-Episode. :) In fact, I think this is the first Non-Episode published since Pete joined AGZ. What's a Non-Episode? It's something we publish to share fun pieces of the Art Geek Zoo world or behind the scenes that often doesn't fit within the comic. These "Non-Episodes" also save us time when we need to work on other things for the comic, the web site, or (gulp!) our day jobs. :)

I present to you two things on this non-episode day. First there's an AGZ-ipedia article on Nööf Corp (mentioned as the employer of the Foam Daemon in Episode 30). Also we have a few pictures of the Halloween 2008 AGZ pumkin stencils results!

Enjoy and stay tuned for next Monday when we publish Episode 32 - An Accompanied Solo!

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