Episode 31 - Tall Order

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger


Pick and his "new friend" Max are looking for a place to play their class assigned first gig... and find some interesting help with landing it.

Behind the Scenes

I do have a tendency to experiment with the art still. Every single episode of AGZ I've added a technique, simplified something, or once in a while totally complicated the art production in the persuit of geting better and faster at it. :)

Today's episode is all the above. I decided to try to produce the whole thing in Adobe Illustrator instead of Photoshop.

Just in case you missed it, last week had more posts than usual. In addition to the Monday Episode (prominently featuring the mysterious Foam Daemon), then there was the fun Pumpkin Stencils post and last but not least the Halloween special episode: AGZ Album Cover 1: Heavy Mettle!

Stay Tuned for the next episode of Art Geek Zoo... An Accompanied Solo!