Episode 28 - Sowing the Seeds of Doubt

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger


Max shows his talent at calling out doubt from Pick. And just where did Crunchy go?

Behind the Scenes

After a busy weekend of helping out on some one elses Flash/Air project, home remodeling projects, I'm really happy to be publishing this episode finally. I was't totally sure how many of the art stages I'd make it through, but here's the episode, in color, with hardly a step skipped. :) Yay!

It's a ton of fun drawing and coloring AGZ every week, this week's episode had two panels that were especially treats to create. First Max's "psycho moment" and then Crunchy standing in front of the temple-like Guitar Spa: Nerve Vana. I'm glad drawing puts me into a fairly meditative state because otherwise I might giggle too much to finish drawing stuff like the panels I mentioned.

Update: For you early birds, you may have seen a version of the comic that had an error with Crunchy's arm lacking color in the last panel. It's now fixed! So, just let that be a lesson to you fine people. Don't post a comic when you're rather sleepy! :)